go out to
the many Sauna Testers
 who have helped in the development:

May23_03.JPG (284702 bytes)
Phil Meister
Schreiber, Ontario
Designer of our Prototype

Apr21_78.JPG (369589 bytes)
Ted Mickelson
Research & Development Partner

jun02_16.jpg (295550 bytes)
Perry Beauvais & Frank Kurchina
Modifications Team

Mar25_09.JPG (404923 bytes)
Bill & Ruth Poshtar
Consulting Carpenter

JohnGazzola.JPG (173435 bytes)
John Gazzola
Research & Development Partner

Dave Zaroski.JPG (174507 bytes)
David Zaroski 
Prototype Development
Larry & Will.jpg (77539 bytes)
Larry & Will Dustin
GoSauna Maintenance Team

jun24_05.jpg (136982 bytes)
Carly & Jillian Dustin
Nieces & Laughing Buddies

Jun02_10.JPG (293456 bytes)
Perry & Joyce

Jul08_02.JPG (428385 bytes)Yur Sauna Host : Larry Dustin & Perry BeavaisCarly, Jillian and EricaLarry's Moose impression